Christmas Menu

starts NOV 22, 2018

Crispy sunchoke with chicken liver & bilberries

Herring with seabuckthorn berries & creamy egg

„Nordic Taco“ Flatbread, reindeer, apples preserved in rose vineger & söl

Potato bread with roasted garlic cream & cep mushroom butter

Baked cod, semi dried tomato, lardo & creamy broth from roasted cod

Saltbaked & glazed beetroot, puffed grains & aged cow milk cheese

Roasted sweetbread, wild mushroom & red currants 

Grilled and glazed fillet of lamb, pickled ramson buds, lovage, roasted and burnt jerusalem artichoke, served with sauce bordelaise

Roasted lamb broth seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices

Frozen juice of raspberries, liquorice & lightly whipped cream

Charcoaled meringue seasoned with sichuan pepper & ginger, honey icecream & bilberries

Rose & caramel

Popcorn & cinnamon financier

Chicken skin, white chocolate & cherry



 Menu 15.900 kr

Winepairing 12.900 kr

Juicepairing 7.900 kr

Champagne glass 3.200 kr

This menu is designed to be enjoyed by the whole table. 
Please inform us of any allergies or intolerances.