Rutabaga, aged cheese and pumpkin seeds ISK 2.750

Fillet of lamb, trumpet & cep mushrooms ISK 3.600

Cured ling, grilled cucumber, scallop emulsion &
cucumber granita I
SK 3.100

Langoustine, seabuckthorn & carrots ISK 3.600

Main courses

Beef tenderloin, celeriac & oyster mushroom &
spruce cream ISK 6.400

Dover sole, ramsons, grilled cabbage & crispy chicken skin ISK 5.990


Soft and crunchy white mold cheese, honey, 
croissant & black truffles 
ISK 3.800

Hazelnuts, arctic thyme ice cream & pears ISK 2.600

We remind you that 8 people or more are defined as a group and join our group menu.
We also advise our customers to book in advance

4 courses menu

Small snacks from the kitchen 

Potato bread, roasted garlic soup and cep butter

Dover sole, ramsons & crispy chicken skin

Fillet of lamb, trumpet & cep mushroom

Beef tenderloin, celeriac, oyster mushroom &
spruce cream

Hazelnuts, arctic thyme ice cream & pears

Sweet delights

Menu ISK 11.900

Good evening

Egly-Ouriet, Les Vignes de Vrigny Premier Cru NV [Pinot Menuier], Champagne, France

15 cl. ISK 3.200 / 75 cl. ISK 18.900

Rivetto Borea 2015 [Nascetta], Piedmont, Italy

Marques de Riscal, Reserva 2013 [Tempranillo, Graciano, Mazuelo], Rioja, Spain

Perrin, Rasteau L’Andéol, 2013 [Grenache, Syrah], Rhône, France

Zanotto Frottola 2016 [Glera], Veneto, Italy

Winepairing ISK 9.900

This menu is designed to be enjoyed by the whole table.
Please inform us of any allergies or intolerances.