Rutabaga, aged cow milk cheese and pumpkin seeds ISK 2.950

Wild duck, dried apples and aromatic broth ISK 3.600

Herring, eggs & onions ISK 3.100

Langoustine, beetroot & smoked lardo ISK 3.600

Main courses

Fillet of lamb, celeriac & bramleberries ISK 6.400

Cod, tomatoes and sea urchin ISK 5.400


Bilberries, honey & arctic thyme ISK 2.300

Seabukthorn, foie gras & hazelnuts ISK 2.600

We remind you that 8 people or more are defined as a group and join our group menu.
We also advise our customers to book in advance

4 courses Christmas menu

With an option of adding a 5th course

01 Herring, eggs & onions

02 Wild duck, dried apples and aromatic broth

03 Reindeer, juniper berries and cantarelles

04 Bilberries, honey and artic thyme

(05 Langoustine, smoked lardo & beetroot)

Menu ISK 10.900 (+ ISK 1.800 for the 5th course)

This menu is designed to be enjoyed by the whole table.

Please inform us of any allergies or intolerances.

Good evening

Larmandier Bernier, Latitude NV (Chardonnay),
Champagne, France

15 cl. ISK 3.000 / 75 cl. ISK 18.500

  1. Gustave Lorentz Evidence 2016 [Riesling],
    Alsace, France
  2. Cantina Giardino Vino Rosato 2016 [Aglianico],
    Campania, Italy
  3. Bodegas Canopy, Tres Patas 2008 [Garnacha, Syrah],
    Méntrida, Spain
  4. Dievole, Vin Santo 2011 [Trebbiano, Malvasia],
    Toscana, Italy
  5. (Lignier-Michelot Axelle 2015 [Chardonnay],
    Bourgogne Frakkland)

Winepairing ISK 9.000 (+ ISK 1.800 for the 5th course)


For the perfect wine pairing we suggest you take a look at our wine menu.