Totally worth the visit

Last month we had a visit from two well-known food critics, Hanna Ingibjörg Arnarsdóttir, editor at Gestgjafinn and Guðný Þórarinsdóttir, reporter at Birtíngur.  They experienced an evening to remember with us at Grillið and their review appeared in the magazine Gestgjafinn.

They were kind enough to give us permission to publish excerpts from the review and this is what they had to say about their experience: „The location of Grillið is unique, as most people know, it is located on the eight floor at the Radisson Blu Hotel Saga and the view is absolutely stunning “. 

They talk a lot about the staff “the service was extremely good and professional. It is obvious that they know their trade well, what a difference it makes to finally get first class service in Iceland. It was in particular interesting to see how much knowledge the waiters had on the food, the wine or just the coffee they served”. Gísli Jensson, our wine expert (sommelier) who pairs the wines to all the courses on the dinner menu with his exquisite knowledge also received his well-deserved recognition as one of the best wine experts in Iceland. Atli Erlendsson is in charge of the kitchen along with his very qualified staff have won numerous awards for their excellence in their field.  The chefs bringing the food to the table to explain and put the final touches on the dishes was a special touch they thoroughly enjoyed. They both agreed that Grillið is without a doubt, one of the best restaurants in the country.  The menu is simple and the portions are exactly on point.  The wine pairing makes the experience much more fun and despite Grillið being in a ´category of four knifes´ (Fine Dining), the atmosphere is very relaxed.

Finally, Hanna called the evening “a true food experience, an adventure for the taste buds and thinks that the food is on a global scale”.  Both of them give us excellent ratings, where Hanna awards us with 9/10 and Guðný with 9,5/10.

We would like to thank Hanna and Guðný so much for their visit and kind words towards us and we really hope to see them soon.

Best regards,

Team Grillið

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