My name is Atli Þór and I‘m the Head Chef of restaurant Grillid. Welcome to our new website!

I‘m lucky enough to go to work every day in the 8th floor and I assure you that Reykjavík is the most beautiful seen from Grillid! But I‘m from the east coast, so what do I know...

But enough about that.

The cuisine in Grillid is mostly light and modern. We tend to argue that our menu is actually decided by the ingredients. And what does that mean?

We are a seasonal restaurant and try as hard as we can to use only ingredients that are in season any given time of year. To be able to deliver that promise we have to stay in good contact with farmers and other producers around Iceland. Siggi Helga, the frontman of the Farmers Palace, is in a leading role there.

This seasonal availability (or lack there of....) is the main reason for our rapid change of menus. Our menu is short but to the point, but on average we change single courses 1-2 times each month. That means we change the entire menu 7-8 times a year. You can take a look at our menu here.

During long shifts in Grillid it is  necessary to enjoy your work. Which is why we try our best to keep the morale up in the kitchen (& and the restaurant aswell, for that matter...) and have found out that it is amazing how much good music can do to the morale.

Too bad we can never agree on the music... this is my favorite of the moment:

El Michels Affair - C.R.E.A.M