Icelandic Lamb

Icelandic sheep are raised sustainably in unspoiled nature and the lambs, which are born in the spring, roam free in the mountains during the summer, drink milk and eat nutritious mountain vegetation as they have done since 874. This provides a particularly healthy meat that is renowned for its flavor.

The layered wool of the Icelandic sheep is not found anywhere else in the world and the lopi wool garments and tanned have kept the people warm in the harsh Icelandic weather for more than a thousand years. The Icelandic sheep arrived with the settlers and they are pristine and unique. Farmers are the custodians of the land and still live on family farms like their ancestors, but have adopted the best of modern farming science and technology. The Icelandic sheep are reared in an environmentally sound way under the world's strictest rules on animal welfare, without contaminants, GM feed or hormone administration. Icelandic sheep are closely linked to the country's culture, customs and language and lamb is truly Iceland´s national dish. Only genuine Icelandic products bare this sign of authenticity that reflects these truths and the values of the Icelandic sheep farmers Association.

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