Food & Fun 2016

Jesper Krabbe – Food & Fun

Born in a little village called Lemvig on the western coast of Denmark, nature and sea have always held a special place in Jesper’s heart. After a relatively short-lived career as a “professional” billiard player resulting in his first ever gold medal in 1990, he took off to Oslo to make some money. Shortly thereafter he started working in the kitchen in Hotel Holmekollen, found his stride and decided to train as a chef.

Returning to Denmark in 2006, he shortly found out that Copenhagen was the place to be, gastronomically speaking at least, and got a job at a restaurant in Tivoli Garden. One thing led to another and all of a sudden he found himself as an employee at a neighbouring restaurant in Tivoli Gardens, The Paul, in 2009. After The Paul closed in 2011 however, he found himself out of a job and a bit lost…

All was not lost though as Paul Cunningham (formerly of The Paul) phoned up and made him an offer he could not refuse, to participate in a new project at Henne Kirkeby Kro where he´ll soon be starting his 5th year as a sous chef.
A keen sailor, Jesper has a little boat he likes to float around in, weather permitting, and likes to get his hands dirty and tinker with engines and oily stuff. He is also an amateur photographer – so, in essence, nature, by the way of cooking, or otherwise, plays a defining role in Jesper’s existence.