Well, you sure can say that 2016 was indeed a very good and eventful year for us here in Grillið.

2016 started with our Atli participating in the Gala Dinner with the Icelandic Chefs Association. There he had his own course, being Chef of the Year 2015 and all. The story goes that Atli was on fire.
In February Denis entered the Chef of the Year competition. That went excellently well and Denis walked out a winner! By winning, Denis earned participation right for Nordic Chef of the Year that took place the following month in Denmark.
In May, Viktor Örn entered the preliminary round on Iceland’s behalf for the Bocuse d’Or which will was held in Budapest and came in fifth place, with a special award for the fish course. One of Grillið’s finest, Hinrik Örn is his first assistant for the competition and Siggi Helga, the executive chef of Hótel Saga, and a seasoned veteran in the world of Bocuse d’Or, is their head coach. Because of how terrific they were, they got the right to compete in the finals, that’ll take place in the end of January. We wish them the best of luck in the contest!

In October, Atli competed in the Culinary Olympics with the Icelandic Culinary Team. They performed like the heroes they all are.

In the very end of October, White Guide Nordic was published and we were honoured as the 2nd best restaurant in Iceland, and jumped from 9th place to 2nd in a year!

2016 was without a doubt a fantastic year for us here in Grillið and we look forward to a amazing 2017.