This is Bjarki, aka Panda. Bjarki is a chef apprentice here at Grillið, but he’s been with with us here at Hótel Saga since May 2015.

He has a lot of passion for his job and is currently working the pastry station – that gives him the ideal opportunity to use pick-up lines like “my job is to make sweet things all day but I’ve never seen anything as sweet as you”. It is debatable if this line works or not…
Bjarki has been raised to be extremely polite young man and he always says thank you, weather it is after service or in more personal setting...

His most favourite artist of aaaaaallllllllllll time is an Icelandic rapper called Emmsjé Gauti, and whenever he gets the chance to control the music in the kitchen, Gauti gets chosen (read “blasted”).

Bjarki is aiming on becoming a full-on chef in spring 2018. 

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