This is Gísli. Gísli is Grillid´s manager and head Sommelier – he even has one of those fancy Sommelier pins to prove it and all! He does have a rather strong opinion about mostly anything really (and assuredly this text as well as he cencors it (done!)).

Worth a mention is the fact that he´s not that keen on rosé wines (and Rioja!) – but, nonetheless, he´s at present got two rosé wines in his wine pairings, one sparkling & one still..., and a Rioja!

Gísli´s got a keen interest in cars and stuff and can often be seen on something new, at least every six months or so as according to him “it´s impossible to have the same car too long” He also has a sports car as well as three motorcycles – a proper wannabe cool guy, obviously!

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