Denis is the bearer of the coveted title “Chef of the year 2016” in Iceland, and/or referred to as the crazy Croat... at time at least – is our Sous Chef here at Grillið.

He´s a football hooligan through and through and supports Liverpool through thick and thin as well as spending most of his free time coaching a soccer team in the local 4th division. By his own admission it is going really well…

Denis has this surname that seems to get people confused at times, Grbic – it´s actually pronounced just as it is written, not as complicated as it might seem. There have however been a few awkward moments here and there, once during a name call everybody’s full names were called up and then just Denis…

He has long been a part of the family – started his apprenticeship as a chef trainee here at Hótel Saga in 2010 and became a chef in December 2013.

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