This is Máni, or rather Romuald Máni Bodinaud. He is a hybrid, half French, half Icelandic and his temper at times definitely stems from his French side of the family, the French are a bit crazy after all or so they say…

Though he is partly French, Máni does not drink coffee, at all, and despises this espresso stuff his fellow countrymen seem to enjoy day in out, loathes it – just had to put it out there.

His favourite cartoon is Ratatouille – obviously.  

Unbelievably, Máni and Lúlli are not twin brothers even though our guests seem to think so time and again, some can´t even tell them apart.

Máni finished his studies as a “framreiðslumaður”, a waiter, in December 2014 and joined our team at the beginning of 2016.  

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