This is Lúðvík, often referred to as Lúlli, or Snúlli... – it´s kind of self-explicatory if you meet him.

Lúlli is a die-hard Pokémon Go fan and spends all of his free time wondering the streets of “Vesturbær”, the western part of Reykjavík where he lives, in his endless search for new, exciting and thrilling Pokémon’s!

Lúlli takes love of coffee to a new level, he adores coffee and thus drinks copious amounts of the stuff – he just loves coffee!

He´s also got a very keen interest in our coffee, understandably, which we get from a local roasterie called Reykjavík Roasters and he is also extremely good at brewing the stuff tableside.

Lúlli is aiming at becoming a “framreiðslumaður” june 2017, that is to finish his apprenticeship and studies as a waiter.

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