At Grillid our mission is to provide our guests with a memorable night at a gourmet restaurant in Reykjavík, which stays with you until long afterwards. Enjoy stunning panoramas of the city and the surrounding mountains and sea while you enjoy fine dining on delectable dishes expertly prepared with fresh ingredients by our award-winning chefs.

We want our guests to experience and connect with the local ingredients we use in our kitchen. Every part of the cooking process from gathering of the ingredients to the presentation of the dish are equally significant. We have formed a direct relationship with local farmers who grow and prepare products specially for us. We combine a variety of these farm ingredients and create dishes in a simple way with the aim to enhance your taste buds and provide a culinary experience that signifies the bond between the restaurant and farmers.

Choose from our generous list of wines, beers and cocktails to complement your meal. 

The chefs refresh the menu regularly, so please review the current menu here.


Due to current circumstances we have closed Grillið for indefinite time. Stay safe, we are all in this together ❤️



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Guest-chefs in Grillið

Next weekend 29-30th of June 2018 Grillið restaurant will be hosting a guest-chef event. The menu is designed by the guest-chefs Anders Erlandsson and Antta Lukkari in collaboration with Sigurður Laufdal headchef at Grillið. The three of them worked together at the Geranium restaurant in Copenhagen. Today Antti works as a pastry chef at Frantzén in Stockholm and Anders works as a sous chef at Format in Copenhagen. The team at Grillið is really excited about the event and is very much looking forward to presenting this unique food experience to its guests.


King crab cooked in barley oil, kohlrabi and scallop roe.
White aspargus, peas and nordic wasabi.
Crispy sunchoke, chicken liver, billberries and wood sorrel.

Potato bread, cep butter and garlic velouté.

Pepper crab, onion and lompa
Baked artic char, caviar and mussel cream.
Scallop, fennel, lardo and truffle seaweed.
Monkfish, baby cucumber, butter milk, parsley and bonito.
Grilled and glazed beef ribs, redcurrant, ancelica and spruce cream.
Blackcurrant and pineshoot sorbet seasoned with chartreause.
Organic milk, rhubarb and meadowsweet,

Roses and caramel

Elderflower and strawberries

Menu ISK 15.900